Spectral search for everyone

PublicSpectra is an open Raman spectral database.
Everyone can search and identify at a low price.

You can search by web browser. Create an account and login !!

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Spectral Search

You just drag & drop a spectrum file on the graph, and then search. The processing of the search is performed on a web server. It is not necessary to install any software.

Number of Raman spectra in the database: 110
Available files: .spc, .jdx(dx) and text formats(.txt, .csv, etc)
Text search is also available free of charge.


You need PublicSpectraPoint to search. The point is consumed only if the maximum search score is greater than 80.
The price of the point is USD 0.10. Credit card is available to purchase the point.

You will get 10 PublicSpectraPoints for trial at making account.
This pricing will be changed in the future.

Update the database and Get bonus

You can upload your measured spectra to PublicSpectra database. The uploaded specra are used at spectral and text search. If your uploaded spectra match best by someone's spectral search, you will get USD 0.01 as a bonus !!

You can withdraw the bonus to your bank account with a small fee via TransferWise: Money transfer service on abroad. Bitcoin is also available to withdraw.