Why PublicSpectra start

Raman scattering is interaction between light and vibration of materials. Since the chemical bonds of each material is different, there is no material with the same vibration modes. Thus, Raman spectrum is unique to the material. If you have an unknown material, you can identify the substance by acquiring the Raman spectrum and matching it with the spectral database. Moreover, In the crystal material, the Raman spectrum changes with crystallinity even if the material is same.

From the above, you can understand that spectral databases are indispensable for analyzing Raman spectra. However, until now, there was no searchable spectral database that anyone could use freely, and commercially available databases are expensive.

Thus, I launched PublicSpectra. PublicSpectra is an open spectral database. Anyone can search with measured spectra at a low price ($ 0.1 per search). Furthermore, users can upload measured spectra to PublicSpectra. The uploaded specra are used at search. Part of the search fee is returned to the uploaded user as a thanks. I hope that it will benefit those who cooperated.

At this time, the number of spectra is only 110. But I hope it will be a practical number and PublicSpectra will be useful spctral database in the future.


Name PublicSpectra
Since May 1st, 2019
Email info@publicspectra.com